Get Creative...

with FD-1 - a Semi-Modular Effect Plugin built around a
VA Filter Section paired with a Stereo Delay and topped off with an Analog-Style Step Sequencer & LFO

Multi Mode Filter

Built around a Virtual Analog Multimode Filter featuring 2 & 4 Pole options, FD-1 is a true filtering powerhouse!

Digital Delay

After the filter section, the signal enters a powerfull delay stage capable of everything from basic echos over long, modulated delays to short time stutter, chorus or flanger type effects.

Mod Sequencer

The mod section includes an analog stype step sequencer and low frequency oscialltor, both of which can be applied to almost any control within the plugin.

Make it move

FD-1 includes a built-in Low Frequency Oscillator and Analog Style Step Sequencer
both of which can modulate anything inside the plugin - even each other.

Enter the Matrix

FD-1 operates using a powerful yet easy to use Mod Matrix where
Routings are easily created right from the main screen
and a dedicated Routing Page provides an overview of all active modulations.


FD-1 supports all the standards you might expect to find in a modern iOS Music Application.


AudioUnit Extension

FD-1 is built as a Audio Unit Extension, use it like a plug-in in your DAW.


Inter-App Audio

With Inter-App Audio you can use FD-1 when recording into other apps such as Garageband.



Use FD-1 with AudioBus to further route or process sounds in other apps.



Of course, FD-1 comes with a solid standalone app as well.



  • TYPE: SEM Style 12db/24db
  • MODES: LP, HP, BP      (continous)
  • CHANNELS: 2 (True Stereo)
  • MOD Destinations: All


  • Time:1-50ms | 10-1000ms
  • MODES: Short | Normal
  • Channels:2 (True Stereo)
  • Tempo Sync:Normal, Dotted, Triplet
  • Beat Divisions: 1/4 to 1/32th


  • LFO SHAPE: Sine, Sawtooth, Square, Triangle, Sample&Hold
  • LFO MODES: Free / Tempo Synced
  • SEQ STEPS:1-8 (variable)
  • SEQ DIV: 4bar-1/32th


  • Standalone
  • Audio Unit Extension (AUv3)
  • Audiobus (Filter)
  • Ableton Link (Tempo)
  • MIDI Tempo Sync & Control Change
  • MIDI Connectivity via USB, Network, Bluetooth & Inter-App MIDI


from the Apple App Store


v1.0.0 (100) for Apple iPad